December 01, 2023

The online shop is back up and running with the 2023 Christmas coaster ornament up for sale.  For the first TEN people that place an order for an ornament I will include a Christmas card I designed and sent out to friends & family this year. NOTICE: One card per person. If you place multiple orders, you're still getting one card. Them the breaks. If this year's card goes over well, I'll look into having enough cards made next year so everyone gets one.

ALSO, there are a couple things up for sale that I've been holding on to that I'm finally ready to part with. Please read the descriptions carefully. And while doing some light cleaning I found some older stickers and coasters from circa 2016-2018. I'll include the stickers in the first few ornament orders and the coasters with posters/prints.

Any questions/concerns - feel free to holler at me.