Updated: June 8th, 2020

Q: Do you have a mailing list?
A: I don't. Honestly, I would probably forget about it, and it would end up being totally useless. The best way to find out about new stuff is to follow my personal Instagram (that is if you don't mind an occasional dog photo, or shameless selfie once in a while). And I also update the 'home' page with info when I have new stuff in the shop. Or you can just shoot me a message.

Q: Why do you require my phone number when I place an order?
A: Dumb as hell, right? I actually went in and changed that setting, but quickly learned that a phone number is required on a custom form for international orders. Unfortunately I can't change it to automatically ask for a phone number when a non-US address is entered. But please be at ease knowing that I will never call or text you unless I need a place to crash for a night or two.

Q: I was interested in something in the shop, now appears to be sold out. Do you happen to have any extra copies?
A: Possibly. There's always a chance I have a couple copies of prints laying around that didn't get put into the shop inventory. We can always work something out thru PayPal. Just gotta let me know!

Q: My package/prints were damaged/lost in the mail. What gives?
A: Gahhh! That sucks. If something ends up damaged, or you never received it, PLEASE let me know. If the postal service is showing it as "delivered", there's very little I can do about tracking it down. But I will most certainly send you a new print, or refund your money, if you desire. Same goes for damaged prints. Also, if you're a stickler about the location of an order, and want the tracking info -- just let me know in a message and I'll gladly send it to you.

Q: I already placed an order, but I want to buy something else. Can I do that and combine the cost of shipping?
A: Sure! Just send me an email, and I'll refund you the cost of the shipping for one of the orders thru PayPal.

Q: Hey! Why was your site gone for a while??
A: Hey! So, back in September of 2016 this site was hacked (for real). The compromised site was marked as "deceptive" by Google, so everything had to be completely wiped for them to lift the warning, which took a long time. Anywho, it's been fixed (Thanks Nick) and we're back with a more secure site for your browsing pleasure.

Q: You only do illustration part-time?
A: Yes. I have a job unrelated to illustration that helps keep the lights on. My schedule can be wonky, occasionally. I would love to make illustration a full-time thing in the near future, though.

Q: What supplies do you use for you screen prints?
A: I prefer using Speedball brand inks and solutions. I use a generic brand 230 filament mesh for my wood frames. Fixxons waterproof clear film for exposures, and all prints are done on Strathmore 400 Series Printmaking paper, unless noted otherwise. The more you know!

Q: What shipping method do you use?
A: All my orders are sent through the local USPS. Handbills, smaller prints, and tubes are all sent 'first-class'. Snail-Mail is the most affordable shipping I can get. But most orders take maybe a week at most to arrive at their destination. Weather, global pandemics, etc. can effect that, obviously,

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: I ship everywhere in the United States, Canada, and parts of Western Europe. If you're from Europe and try to place an order and it won't let you, contact me and I'll add your country to the shipping zone so your order can be completed.

Q: Am I bothering you?
A: Heck no!

Q: How do you do your work? What's your medium? Your equipment?
A: All work featured on the site is digital. I use a Wacom Intuos Small Tablet CTL-490. All work is done in "GIMP" (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) version 2.10.14 -- It's free, and it works!