How do you do your illustrations?

All work featured on this site is digitally hand drawn on my Wacom tablet.


Do you accept commissions?

At the moment, no.


Do you have anymore copies of an older sold out print/poster?

There is a slight chance I have a final copy of an older print. Some items are gone forever, but feel free to reach out and ask if I have something.


Do you ship internationally?

Right now, I am only shipping to the United States. Unfortunately, I have had various issues with shipping to European countries in terms of additional customs fees and it has caused some headaches for customers. Although I hate not being able to share work with people around the globe, until I find a better alternative I will only be shipping in the US.


Do you have a physical storefront?

No. But starting in 2023 I returned to vending at local NY art shows & festivals. If you live in the Finger Lakes area, you may see me and my work during the summer. I hope to add more shows in 2024 and I will have announcements and information posts available on the 'Home' page and my personal instagram for upcoming events when the time comes.